Cape First Church is full of incredible men. Our desire is that every man finds friends, community, as well a place to give back through their unique strengths. Our goal is to provide men with the tools they need to become men of integrity, mission, purpose, action, courage and truth.


Below are some ways to get more involved…

Life Groups

At Cape First Church, Life Groups are our way of making a BIG church feel small. Life Groups are safe and comfortable environments for people to come together, ask questions, and learn more about how to walk in relationship with God.


A couple of times a year we will get away just as guys. During these times we will worship, pray and play together. We have been known to shoot things, hit things and blow things up at these retreats, but ultimately come away with a closer relationship to Jesus and each other.


Throughout the year, Cape First Church will hold a variety of events geared just for the men to enjoy and invite their friends to attend. Our men’s events feature a guest speaker and include seasonal attractions ranging from antique car shows and a demo derby in the summer, to a wild game feast and hunting seminars in the winter.