Cape First Church is a big place. Life Groups help make it feel small by giving you a group of friends to connect with.

At Life Groups, people come together to study the Bible, ask questions, learn more about what a relationship with God means, and have family-like support through good and bad times alike. Your experience with God will be so much better as a result of being in a Life Group!


How do I join a Life Group? Easy…

Simply click the campus you attend and download the *Life Group Directory. Then browse through our various groups until you find a few that fit you. Contact the leader(s) and try out the Life Group. Feel free to try out different Life Groups until you find one that is the best fit for you.

Silver Springs Campus Directory

House of Hope Directory

Sikeston Directory

Marble Hill Directory

Or just email with your name, age, gender and Life Group preferences and someone on the Cape First staff will connect you with a Life Group leader.

*The Fall 2017 semester begins September 24. Check your campus for more details.