A Prophetic Pastor

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January 31, 2017

A Prophetic PastorAllen Basham

– Allen Basham (Sikeston Campus)

I was recently reading an article online and the article used a term that caught not only my attention but also my spirit.  The term was that of a ‘Prophetic Pastor.’ It was just that I had not heard those two familiar words used together. The article gave no explanation of the term it used, which perplexed me even more. For days I pondered, “What does that mean?” So I actually googled the term and found nothing that gave me an acceptable understanding of those two words together.
After a week or so of pondering the term with no satisfaction, I started examining the life of Ezekiel to try and come to some sort of understanding. When I started reading the latter part of Ezekiel, as God started to renew His relationship with a decimated Israel, He began to speak to His prophet. There is a series of enlightenments that God took Ezekiel through in the guiding of Israel. I think it is a series that we, as pastors, can take note of.
The first item God showed Ezekiel (36:16+) was that He had to deal with their sin – the sin that separated them and brought defilement upon the nation. What sin is God showing you that is present in the body of Christ that brings defilement on the church?
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God said because of the defilement He had no choice but to scatter them, but now He was going to bring them back, for the sake of His own name (v. 22).  God told Ezekiel to speak to the future, not the present condition. In doing so, he brought hope, not condemnation.
The second item was that God began to show Ezekiel, through a vision, what He wanted to happen. What is God wanting to do through you in the body of Christ that you are to be speaking over the body?
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God had him first speak a foundation (tendons & flesh). They he had him speak life (breath) over the bones and flesh.  Then God had him prophesy hope over their dried up condition. He spoke inspiration to the nation of Israel. And God said He would do it so that you will know that He has done it.
The third item God began to give Ezekiel was specific instructions on what to do so that the people would understand. He was instructed to take two separate sticks and to write Judah on one and Joseph on the other, representing the two kingdoms. Then he was to take the two sticks and carry them touching in the same hand, representing the coming together of the two kingdoms, never again to be separated. What instructions is the Lord giving you concerning what you are to do in regards to your answer in #2?
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God said in 37:18, through these instructions the nations will know that God made Israel holy and has made His sanctuary among them.
The fourth item is found in chapter 38. God has Ezekiel begin to speak prophetically against all the enemy. He began to speak judgment and destruction on them all. In regards to item #2, that God is wanting to do through you, what are you speaking, concerning the enemy, of your task?
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God says He will display His glory among the nations and all nations will see the punishment that He will inflict and the hand He lays on them from this day forward, and the people of Israel will know the He is their God (v. 21).
I know Ezekiel was not technically a pastor, but he was the leader of a flock. It just happened to be a whole nation. Each step of the way, he was in tune with God’s voice and heard specifics about each step. He recognized the problem as God laid it out. He discerned what God was wanting to do and spent his time speaking to the future and not so much time on things of the past or present. He received the path of instruction to lead the people out of the present, but continued addressing the future. He knew his enemy and prophesied heavy again them.
The Prophetic Pastor, from what I see from looking at Ezekiel, takes the lead role in defining the future of the church. By hearing each step from the Lord, victory can be yours and Glory will be His.